Cluster update

Out of all services, only Mastodon and UniFi Network controller are left, both are technically possible, but require strange things.

Own Bitwarden service works great, however, needs a license to be OTP key. The Minecraft server works great. Done log aggregation, local Docker registry, metrics to have them in Lens, backups of everything. The phone syncs files, contacts and calendar with the Nextcloud no problem.

Wouldn’t do antivirus, greylisting and Plex (maybe Plex will do much later). Firefox instance is useless, since I sync bookmarks only and passwords are in the Bitwarden. Video transcoding works much better with the RTX 4070ti, and I need only one video to transcode per week. LanguageTool instance is useless, since it’s impossible to use it with “premium” plan that really helps me. Done Dockerfile for it anyway.

Maybe I’ll do Clamav instance, though.



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