Category: DevOps

  • Postfix and greylisting

    Spam became a noticeable threat for the mail servers many years ago. No servers today could be running without being hardened against the spam: according to some reports up to 75% of all the email traffic is spam. It’s noticeable from network capacity, hardware and electricity consumption even if you run a small company mail […]

  • Postfix mail server with DKIM

    Installation and configuration of the mail server (Mail Transfer Agent, MTA) is one of the typical tasks any system administrator faces. Here we will cover the task and by the end of the article will have CentOS 7 with Postfix mail server that listens to he 25 port (SMTP) and delivers messages for the selected […]

  • Moved to Hetzner and CentOS 8

    Turns out I had lost my keys to the Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Cloud lost my PTR record somehow, so the Gmail started to junk and bounce my mail. I decided to go for a (who’s my home provider) VPS, but they had 8GB SSD as an option for a small host, which […]

  • Puppet vs Ansible vs Chef vs Salt

    Good presentation, high level.