Debugging IDM

One of the most frequent cases I have is that “sometimes” and “somewhere” user is not getting authenticated. Trying to SSH to the host works for some users not always, “id username” returns errors sometimes — it’s all the same problem in the environment with LDAP replication. It does not actually matter what kind of the LDAP server or domain controller is being used, always check:

    1. Enable debug log on the client. If the client is SSSD, add “debug_level = 9” to the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf and then restart it. Invalidate its cache if possible.
    2. Repeat the test so you would see the error.
    3. Collect the log file from the client. You would see what server it has queried to get the information.
    4. Check server’s log. Most likely there is no requested information on this LDAP instance due to replication issues.

This would help to identify and fix the problem.


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