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  • How to sort messages log

    If you need to sort out what is reporting to the /var/log/messages to array in case of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora, you need to do flowing manipulations: read log; get 5th column from the log, it’s daemon name; get rid of all digits, so the daemons with different PIDs would be counted as one; 1. get rid of all ‘/’ and replace ‘[’ and ‘]’ with ‘\[’ and ‘\]’…

  • Debugging Kerberos

    If you need to debug Kerberos, check the time synchronization at the first place. In about 50% cases it is it. the ntpd (or chrony) should be presented in the process list they should really be configured correctly in case of the virtual host crony is preferable, with the ntpd time skew is possible Really nice crony/ntpd comparative chart: https://chrony.tuxfamily.org/comparison.html , “Summary” section is complete.

  • Not to forget: ugly font and the Opera Browser

    Might be interesting for non-English speaking users of the Opera: some font on some sites are really ugly and there is no way in the interface to disable them, because they’re not system fonts, but one that web page get downloaded. –disable-remote-fonts is the option to fix them forever. Such fonts usually contain normal English glyphs, bot other are ugly. To fix it in the Gnome Shell: cp /usr/share/applications/opera.desktop ~/.local/share/application Add…

  • Not to forget useful vi and bash settings

    .bash_profile .vimrc Not sure about ‘number’ setting, if interferes with the clipboard annoyingly, so I can turn them off.

  • Simple way to fuck-up Gnome Shell in Fedora 25

    Open Evolution New message Attach file from Web DAV disk PROFIT!

  • FC 25 annoying auth bugs

    Evolution keeps failing to connect to Google calendars if it works for more than one day. Restarting goa-daemon with does not always help. That is frustrating: why not always?

  • I2P browser


  • Evolution mail signature workaround

    Evolution mail application in the Fedora 25 has annoying bug: it freezes when trying to add/edit signature (although, you can delete old one). It’s a known bug fixed in upstream and you can actually edit signature files (it’s quite tricky), but you can add shell script that would generate signature for you. UPD: need to use “cowsay `fortune`”

  • Today’s news on security

    Article: https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/21/many-sites-including-twitter-and-spotify-suffering-outage/

  • Today I’ve learned…

    My colleagues from the linux.org.ru board have found out one small flaw, so everyone including me stared to dance around PGP/GPG. So far I have found that among my systems: Linux works as it should: two mouse clicks and you are ready. Covers 100% of my work mail, 75% of my personal mail. Mac OS Sierra is not ready: GPG Suite has…

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