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My Android speedup tuning

Putting notes not to forget.

Case: Sony Xperia Z5compact is very slow and become hot on even a minor usage. After reading a lot of articles in the internet:

  • turn off image enhancement in settings.
  • change launcher to Microsoft Arrow. I really like it and it’s light.
  • in Developer Mode: limit background processes to 4 (20 is default), force GPU usage for everything (2 related settings).

Actually the main reason why the phone is slow is that the Android available for this model (Greece Vodafone) is 6.0 and there is only 2 GB RAM onboard. 50% of it is used by “Android System” :-(

 79   2017   android   linux
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ozzeeransky 2018

limit background processes to 4

Спасибо, действительно полезный совет.